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Grilled Chicken and Water Yam Chips

Written By Helen Nneka Okpala on Wednesday, 2 January 2019 | January 02, 2019

When I travelled to Swaziland in 2001, I first tasted KFC chicken and chips and since then, I fell in love with it. In 2010, I visited UNILAG and there was a chicken and chips fast food joint which I always visited. I have always wished for KFC to come to Nsukka or for someone to start up a chicken and chips business but it's all Sharwama everywhere. The place you accidentally, they'll be selling chicken and dry looking tiny chips separately. 

Where I stay, you hardly get very BIG irish potatoes like you find in Abuja or far Northern Nigeria. So, what I did was to experiment with yam. I had water yam and decided to try it out and it was dope. Watch this!

For chips
1. Two slices of Water yam
2. Grounded pepper
3. Salt
4. Oil for frying

For Chicken
1. One chicken lap
2. mixed spice 
3. One bulb of small onions
4. One large  clove of fresh garlic
5. Two stock cubes
6. Ketchup
7. One small Lemon 
7. Salt                                                                         
For Chips
1. Peel the yam and slice into tiny long chips
2. wash and rub with salt and a little grounded yellow or red pepper
3. Deep-Fry in very hot oil until cripsy.

For Chicken
1. Marinate the chicken with some lemon juice, mixed, grounded spice containing garlic, onion, seasoning (stock cube) of choice. ( I love using chicken flavouring for chicken, to boost the taste. You can also mash fresh garlic and onions and rub on the chicken).
2. Put in the Freezer for some hours so the flavours penetrate into the chicken. I have two ways of grilling. Either I cook before grilling or I grill straight up. This one, I cooked first, but before grilling.
 3. Rub a bit of lemon juice and ketchup on the chicken. Turn down the heat.
4. Be checking it as you turn the chicken.
5. Use ketchup as dipping sauce as seen in the picture.

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