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Celebrating the Winner of Helen's Food Competition

Written By Helen Nneka Okpala on Saturday, 4 May 2019 | May 04, 2019

About the Helen's Food 'Upload and Win' Competition.
I am moved to write this so one or two persons could learn three or four things. Four persons were actively involved in the competition and all ended up winning prizes.
Two days back, a boy called me about 11am and indicated interest in the competition. Before the, I had almost given up on the competition being that I hadn't seen any potential participant.
He's a second year student of University of Nigeria, Nsukka of Electronic Engineering Department. He just told me I was his GSP 111 lecturer. Ebuka Onovo did one thing that impressed me. He said he would tell his friends to apply. Who does that these days? Despite that, he WON!
#LESSON: The sky can contain everyone! Share useful information to your friends, even if it will benefit you. Don't be selfish. Just #Share it!
Meanwhile, some questions came to my mind during this competition:
1). Why did people wait until almost deadline to apply?
2). How come boys were the major participants?
3). Why do people find it HARD or feel reluctant to #Like people's Pages, Follow them Instagram or subscribe to their Youtube Channels except you tag money to it?
The above questions and more, will lead to one of my future series.
To say no more, I congratulate Mr Ebuka Onovo and other participants. This recipe will be touched up and featured on my Blog - www.helensfood.com

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