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Leveraging more than 30 years of experience working across the public sector, our colleagues and subject matter experts often share insights, guidance, and best practices through a variety of channels—case studies, presentations, white papers, thought leadership pieces, and more.

Here is a collection of those materials, including information on our featured subject matter experts. 


健康 Care Reform

  • Arkansas 健康 Insurance Marketplace Board

    Analysis of the state’s opportunities under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Section 1332 State Innovation Waivers, including those relative to the state’s 健康 Care Independence Program (HCIP)

  • New Hampshire Insurance Department (NHID)

    Consultation services related to the development, negotiation and implementation of a Marketplace premium assistance program via 1115 waiver for coverage of the Medicaid expansion population

Long Term Care

Medicaid Provider Screening, Enrollment and Oversight

Program Integrity Audit

健康 Policy and Regulatory Support Services

QHP Certification


  • Rich Albertoni

    Expertise: 健康 Insurance Exchange and Medicaid Policy and Program Management

  • Sam Fish

    Expertise: 健康 & Human Services Law

  • Lisa Kaplan Howe

    Expertise: 健康 Insurance Marketplaces, Medicare, Medicaid

  • Charles Hurley

    Expertise: Fire & EMS operations, planning, and training, Urban Search & Rescue; Swift/Flood Water Rescue, Hazardous Material handling and safety protocols, Emergency management operations (state and local levels), Project consulting using CAD analytics and geographic information system (GIS) mapping

  • Tim Nowak

    Expertise: EMS-specific and combination fire/EMS projects related to feasibility studies, operational analysis, combined services reviews, and program evaluations

  • Ken Riddle

    Expertise: Fire & EMS operations, planning, and training, Proposal guidance, Creating & implementing new strategic programs, Data-driven consulting, Business leadership

  • Margot Thistle

    Expertise; 健康 Insurance Marketplaces, Medicare, Medicaid

  • Jim Waldinger

    Expertise: 健康 Care Reform, Medicare, Medicaid

健康 Care Reform

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