Eugene Astarita

Vice President / Technology Consulting

Eugene Astarita于2013年加入PCG,拥有超过20年的公共部门经验. In his current role as Vice President in Technology Consulting, Eugene的重点是进一步发展项目管理办公室(PMOs)的技术咨询。. When working with clients, he offers a Project Management Institute (PMI) approach, data-driven business analysis, and Agile skills.

日博网站ing on full project management and portfolio management services, 尤金在领导大型政府组织的战略计划的开发和交付方面有丰富的经验. He has managed projects related to infrastructure, information technology (IT) systems integration, grant management, 等. Entities and partners include government agencies, public corporations, elected officials, utility companies, 医院, emergency management services, 等.

Prior to joining PCG, 尤金是夏威夷健康联络人的项目管理办公室经理. In this role, his office directly answered to the Obama administration regarding his work and established project management plan baselines and change management. 尤金还在位于HI火奴鲁鲁的Kaiser Permanente担任高级IT项目经理. In this role, 他管理的临床IT项目需要州和联邦法规遵从性和监管补救.

尤金获得了内华达大学工商管理学士学位, 拉斯维加斯, 他在伍斯特的克拉克大学获得了工商管理硕士学位, MA. 他还获得了华盛顿乔治华盛顿大学的商业分析专业证书, D.C. 除了, Eugene is a certified project management professional (PMP) from the Project Management Institute; a certified business analyst (CBA) through ESI International; and an information technology infrastructure library change and release management practitioner (ITIL) through Pink Elephant.

Mitch Dobbins

Practice Area Director / Technology Consulting

Mr. Dobbins is responsible for PCG's technology consulting operations including oversight of business development opportunities and client delivery. He has 20 years of experience 设计ing, 发展中, 实施或监督跨多个领域的信息技术(IT)项目,包括大规模的发布, welfare eligibility, 医疗补助计划, public safety, 矫正, unemployment insurance and tax accounting systems. Mr. Dobbins has gained this experience working with twenty-one (21) states, the United Kingdom, European Union, 中国, Brazil and India in both the private and public sectors. Program and Technology agnostic, Mr. Dobbins has utilized strong governance and implementable policies to ensure the practice area culture is organically maintained while experiencing growth and delivering our services to meet the needs of our expanding client base. He has been an Application Architect, System Engineer, Project Manager and Program Manager and has a working understanding of the project lifecycle from 规划 and procurement through the software development and into Maintenance & 操作. Mr. Dobbins has MBA’s from Georgetown University (华盛顿 D.C.) and the ESADE Business and Law School (Spain). 他获得了加州州立大学斯坦尼斯劳斯分校工商管理学士学位.


Vice President / Technology Consulting

Mr. Forrer在医疗补助和资格认证环境中有8年的经验. He is currently focused on providing IV&V和PMO为包括乔治亚州在内的美国东南部的医疗补助机构提供服务, 阿拉巴马州, 密西西比州, Tennessee and Louisiana. He also has led PCG’s 健康 Strategy and Financial Practice. During his career, Mr. 福勒已经帮助十几个州制定了发展和实施医疗保险交易所的计划. 他还帮助各州规划和管理他们的卫生信息技术规划工作, 以及为他们的医疗补助计划计划和采购技术和服务. Mr. Forrer has also developed a system to automate medical claims auditing, and served as President/CEO for a national research and management consulting firm dedicated to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of organizations serving the public. Mr. Forrer served as the Special Assistant to the California State Auditor, 管理国家和地方政府实体的大量审计和调查. As Special Assistant State Auditor, Mr. Forrer reported directly to the State Auditor with responsibilities including acting as legislative liaison with the Joint Legislative Audit Committee, 管理所有对外咨询服务的合同审核和合同, media liaison, and overseeing all major technology-related audits.


Director / Technology Consulting

Ms. Gerow has more than 25 years of public sector experience both as an employee to the State of California and as a consultant on various projects in California, 华盛顿, and New Mexico. 她有机会在系统开发生命周期的所有阶段工作,提供领导, 方向, and oversight during procurement, 初始化, 规划, 执行, 和闭包. Ms. Gerow is a certified Project Management Professional. Ms. Gerow has experience in pre-implementation 规划, system implementation, independent project oversight (QA and IV&V) for enterprise systems. 另外, 她拥有华盛顿州OCIO信息技术(IT)政策方面的知识和工作经验, specifically Policy 132. Ms. 格罗的优势在于她在每个项目中与客户和供应商员工建立的沟通和关系.

Jeff Hellzen

Chief Technologist / Technology Consulting

Mr. Hellzen has more than 26 years of IT experience, including 16 years on state and federal government projects involving technical assessments and technical verification and validation of multi-year, multi-million dollar development projects. His experience also includes 10 years of technical management for a variety of private sector companies where he was responsible for all aspects of IT and consulting on next generation software systems and industry standards. Mr. Hellzen在大型公共部门企业系统的IT生命周期支持方面具有专业知识.

Bret Mohninger

Vice President / Technology Consulting

Mr. Mohninger is a Vice President with PCG's technology consulting division and provides business development 领导 across many states and manages several key state government IT projects across the country in the areas of Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)、质量保证(QA)、项目管理、计划和采购. Mr. Mohninger has 20 years of state government consulting experience, 包括自2008年4月加入盈科以来对盈科的贡献. Mr. Mohninger holds a Bachelor's Degree with focus in Computer Science and Management Information Systems from the University of Lethbridge in 加拿大, 他拥有加州大学戴维斯分校(University of California at Davis)的工商管理硕士学位,并自2004年以来获得项目管理专业(PMP)认证.


Senior Consultant / Technology Consulting

Mr. Norred is a senior consultant with extensive experience in management, 领导, and Information Technology (IT). He has worked within a Project Management Office (PMO), directed projects and staff as an IT Manager, Project Manager, Functional Lead, Technical Lead, Subject Matter Expert (SME), Systems Engineer, Sr. 业务分析员,项目负责人,团队负责人,QA/QC分析员和高级程序员分析员. Mr. Norred has also provided Independent Verification and Validation (IV&(五)服务. During his career, 他曾与大多数主要的医疗补助财政代理公司和各种州医疗补助项目合作, 非常熟悉平价医疗法案和其他联邦项目,如联邦应急管理局, HUD Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR), and CDBG Block Grants.


Vice President / Technology Consulting

Mr. 雷默斯的背景包括在私营和公共部门超过20年的IT经验, specializing in large enterprise system 设计, implementation, and management. In his tenure with PCG, Mr. Reimers has focused on state government projects, providing strategic 规划, service development, technical assessments, independent technical verification and validation (IV&V), technical 设计, cost allocation studies, and procurement support (i.e. FSR和RFP开发/评估)为多年,数百万美元的开发项目. He specializes in large-scale technology projects while operating under the principle that IT exists to support business needs and improve business capability. Prior to joining PCG, Mr. Reimers served as Director of Technology for 健康Net, a multi-billion dollar national health care corporation, where he was responsible for strategic 规划, technology evaluation, 设计, 选择, implementation and support of complex computing environments which included multiple data centers and remote sites across the U. S. Mr. Reimers' well-rounded experience also includes extensive technical and managerial positions for technology organizations within the insurance industry (Cal-West Life Insurance), the agriculture industry (Blue Diamond Growers), and the health care industry (Sutter 健康). Mr. Reimers earned an MBA with honors from Clark University in Worcester MA and earned his BA in Psychology from the California State University at Sacramento. He holds an ITIL Foundation certificate from the ITIL Certification Management Board and is a member of the Beta Gamma Sigma International Honor Society.

LeAnne Scott

Vice President / Technology Consulting

Ms. Scott为多个MMIS IT项目提供了各种咨询服务. 她在卫生和公共服务领域有近40年的政府工作经验, specializing in 医疗补助计划 and eligibility and enrollment (E&E),以及执行MITA框架合规性评估的经验. She is an expert in the 医疗补助计划 Enterprise Certification Life Cycle (MECL) and the 医疗补助计划 Enterprise Eligibility and Enrollment Life Cycle (MEELC) processes. 她曾在医疗补助企业系统会议(MESC)上提出MECL和协作的主题. Ms. Scott led PCG’s first-in-the-nation use of the MECT toolkit to assist in achieving certification for Delaware’s MMIS under the MECL. Her experience also includes project and program management, QA, IV&V, business analysis, business process reengineering, business and system requirements elicitation and management, organizational assessment and change management, and operations management. Ms. Scott is adept at leading matrixed teams through projects, assimilating large amounts of information, moving seamlessly through varying levels of detail, 以及组织内各个层级的有效沟通.

David Shickman

Senior Advisor / Technology Consulting

Mr. 希克曼已经为来自行业和政府的客户提供了超过25年的管理和技术咨询, including cities, 县, state agencies, and special districts. He has experience in all aspects of the information technology (IT) lifecycle including business and technology strategic 规划; organizational assessment; feasibility studies; business process reengineering; organizational change management; requirements definition; system and vendor 选择 studies/procurements; contract negotiation; performance measurement; project charters and governance; project implementation; application development; security assessment and implementation; independent verification and validation; and project management/oversight. This experience crosses many functional areas with recent emphasis in labor and work force; housing; transportation; health care reform; mental health; criminal justice and public safety.

Laurie Thornton

Vice President / Technology Consulting

Ms. 桑顿拥有30年的管理咨询和项目管理经验, 重点关注卫生和公共服务部门的国家和市政工作. Since joining the firm in 2005, she has led several of our IT engagements across the nation and is well respected for her professional integrity and quality of work. Ms. Thornton’s IT 规划 expertise encompasses the development of federal (Advanced Planning Documents) and state (Feasibility Study Reports) funding requests, 提供IT收购服务,包括RFP开发和供应商选择支持.  Ms. 桑顿的项目组合还包括项目管理支持和独立验证和验证服务. Ms. Thornton holds a certification of Project Management Professional (PMP) and a Prosci® ADKAR® certification in Organizational Change Management.

Paul Wertheim

Vice President / Technology Consulting

Mr. Wertheim是一名副总裁,拥有丰富的项目管理和跨多个团队的交付经验, 位置, and industries. 他拥有私营和公共部门的数字内容管理经验, energy trading and risk management, 医疗保健, and financial systems. 他在PCG的工作重点是作为一个受信任的顾问和项目经理,提供独立的验证和验证&5)在劳动力服务和综合资格体系方面为州和地方政府提供服务. Mr. 韦特海姆还为独立的安全评估提供监督, federal testing attestation, delivered 规划 and procurement services, and performed deep technical analysis of system architecture and 设计. Mr. 韦特海姆拥有克拉克大学的工商管理硕士学位和加州大学圣地亚哥分校的计算机科学学士学位。.