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The American Rescue Plan Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ARP ESSER) Fund provides substantial funding to support the reopening of schools and to address the academic, 社会, 情感, 以及因新型冠状病毒肺炎大流行而产生的心理健康担忧. 今年秋天,学生和教职员工将返回现场学习, the US 教育部 has prioritized 社会情绪学习 (SEL) for students as a basis for accelerating learning and mitigating learning loss.

This call to action requires school-based leaders to have an established plan for addressing the 社会, 情感, 以及学生的心理健康.

It is important to review district and state responses to the utilization of ESSER funds in depth. This quick-guide serves as a snapshot of how states across the country can respond to Landmark 2 and how school-based administrators can put these commitments into action. 在这里下载你自己的快速指南!

Building School Communities and Supporting Students’ Social, 情感, and Mental 健康 Priorities

  • 评估学生和教职员工的社会、情感和心理健康需求.
    • 行动策略:
      • Identify existing tools approved by the district and their availability within the schoolhouse to assess 社会, 情感, 以及学生的心理健康需求.
          • 利用 CASEL资源中心工具[1] 了解全国其他地区如何优先考虑社会情感学习.
          • Consider utilizing free or low-cost screeners to identify students requiring more extensive evaluations quickly and efficiently and/or supports, 如果有必要的话.

      • Utilize an online database to store and synthesize 社会 情感 screener and assessment results.
        • 探索使用 EDPlan干预 系统地识别和规划需要社交的学生, 情感, 或心理健康支持.

  • Invest in effective strategies to address 社会, 情感, 以及学生的心理健康需求.
    • 行动策略:
      • Assess staff capacity to provide increased access for students to school counselors and mental health professionals.
        1. Partner with fellow school-based administrators to reassess the workload of school counselors and mental health professionals with the goal of prioritizing opportunities for student-focused interventions.
        2. 制定一个主计划,消除行政职责(e.g.公交车值班费、自助餐厅费用等.)的学校辅导员和心理健康专业人员.
        3. 确定家庭参与的责任, 通常在学校辅导员和心理健康专家的范围内, 可以扩展到家庭参与或职称I专家.
        4. Identify opportunities for school counselors and mental health professionals in graduate programs to provide services under the supervision of licensed professionals (contingent upon district regulations).
      • 评估你的学校目前的社会、情感和心理健康实践.
        1. Partner with district-level leadership to review existing resources and district framework for SEL practices. 如果框架指导和实施之间存在资源差距, 考虑使用ARP ESSER资金来补充这些现有需求.
        2. 利用 “从哪里开始:CASEL学校指南”[1] 确定全校SEL实践的指标,完成“需求清单”.”

  • 确保以恢复性、公平和包容的方式处理学校纪律.
    • 行动策略:

      1. Connect with district- and state-level leadership to identify which new discipline practices will be implemented, and the subsequent 培训 opportunities that will be implemented in response to the 新型冠状病毒肺炎 pandemic.
      2. 熟悉学校领导和行为反应小组 恢复实践.
      3. 与地区领导合作,决定如何实施 trauma-informed和恢复[1] 建筑中的纪律.

  • Provide extracurricular opportunities to build school community and advance academic and 情感 development of students.
    • 行动策略:

      1. Discuss with district leadership to determine what extracurricular opportunities are being funded with ARP ESSER funds.
      2. Identify if additional funds are available to sponsor school-based educators and staff to host in-person (when appropriate) and virtual clubs after school.
      3. Partner with parent-teacher associations or other organizations to solicit donations from local companies to provide resources for students to utilize for extracurricular opportunities.


Returning full-time to in-person learning may be a stressful experience for students this fall. 前进, 学校领导应该继续优先考虑社会, 情感, 并将所有学生的心理健康作为加速学习的基础. Students will be most readily available for learning when their 社会 and 情感 needs are being met. School-based leaders can utilize this tool to create a plan for addressing the priorities outlined by Landmark 2 in the “Return to School Roadmap.” 在此下载指南.


新型冠状病毒肺炎给全国各个学区带来了重大挑战. PCG一直在寻找支持地区和学生的方法.

特殊教育研究、行动计划和促进. 主题专家和顾问可以研究最佳实践, 库存资源, 指导行动计划, and facilitate the development of digital learning instructional continuity plans to help you address emergency situations that result in interrupted 教育 for students with disabilities.

虚拟指令工具包. This toolkit contains a library of tools and resources to help educators establish Online and Distance Learning instructional models based on best practices.

虚拟人力资源解决方案. PCG provides trained professionals to augment staffing needs and support your efforts to deliver continuity of instruction and services during this emergency period using your available digital learning solutions or by providing PCG’s EDPlan™ suite of tools.

行为威胁评估. Our behavioral threat assessments (BTA) are a proven method of early intervention that can help prevent acts of targeted violence in school environments. 日博网站平台管理所有的威胁, 比如行为威胁, 自杀风险, 性的威胁, 和纵火事件. 我们通过EDPlan的案例管理平台管理您的风险, 用3,全美有600个学区.

自杀风险评估. Our newly released 自杀风险 assessment pathway allows 学区 to implement a standardized procedure to assess a student’s 自杀风险. 使用这个工具, 员工能够使用相同的语言, 这是大家都明白的, 讨论学生的身份, 并制定适当的治疗计划.

专业发展. 日博网站主题专家可以提供急需的指导, 培训, 以及帮助你建立或加强学校安全架构的支持, 为了实现一体化, 行为威胁评估的循证实践, 自杀风险评估, 性的威胁, 和纵火事件.


阿斯佩Uhlik Ed.D., 于2021年6月加入PCG,担任高级顾问. Prior to her tenure at PCG she served in a variety of roles including Director of Evaluation Early Stages in DC Public Schools, 陶森和约翰霍普金斯大学的兼职教授, and 教育al Specialist in the Division of Special 教育 and Early Intervention at Maryland State 教育部. 2015年1月,Dr. Uhlik began her doctorate in 教育al 领导 and Management with a Special 教育 领导 Concentration at Drexel University School of 教育. She was selected as one of 10 doctoral candidates to participate in the Urban Special 教育 Leaders for Tomorrow Project (USELT), OSEP资助的5年特殊教育领导人才培训补助金. 2019年5月成功完成论文答辩. 最近,博士. 乌里克有机会在新型冠状病毒肺炎大流行期间担任特别教育家