Xnatives Cooking Competition

My participation in Xnatives Cooking Competition

In July 2016 during the home coming of the University School, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, I participated in the cooking competition organised and sponsored by XNatives Chef (Lagos) and took the 2nd position. Thanks to XNatives Chef for the opportunity to try out my hands in preparing "Okpa", which people enjoyed at the University School Re-Union dinner party! Lest I forget, thanks for the cash prize!

You can search out my blog for 'How to prepare Nsukka Okpa' to get the recipe. Meanwhile see pictures below: 

Place the pot of hot water on the burner
Mixing the okpa
Tieing the okpa in a waterproof, about to put in the pot of boiling water
The Okpa is ready
Recieving the cash prize from XNATIVES Chef


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